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  • To The Teeth
    To The Teeth
  • No Push Collide
    No Push Collide
  • Day By Day CD1
    Day By Day CD1
  • Day By Day CD2
    Day By Day CD2
  • Things Fall Apart CD1
    Things Fall Apart CD1
  • Things Fall Apart CD2
    Things Fall Apart CD2
  • One More Way
    One More Way
  • EP1

No Push Collide

Release Date: 18th August 2003

Catalogue No: CD-tmcds1007, Vinyl-tmv1007

No Push Collide
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  1. Stephen's In The Sky
  2. Day By Day
  3. Things Fall Apart
  4. No Happy
  5. Numerical
  6. Lethargy
  7. Ordinarily Me
  8. Build High, Tear Low
  9. Sage Waits
  10. Green Disaster Twice
  11. Peaches From Spain
  12. Who Could I Be?


Music by Serafin, songs by Ben Fox Smith, except tracks 1 & 7 by Ben Fox Smith and Darryn Harkness. Track 12 by Darryn Harkness and Ben Fox Smith.

Artwork: Phil Hale

produced and mixed by D Sardy, engineered by Greg Gordon, recorded at Sunset Sound Recorders and the Steakhouse, assistant engineer (Sunset) Ryan Castle, assistant engineer (Steakhouse) John Cranfield, keys done at Mad Science Lab, mixed at The Village Recorders, assistant at the Village Dan Monti and ok hee kim, production coordinated by Jennifer Paola for Worlds End, drums by Drum Doctor. Ronny Growler: batterie