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  • To The Teeth
    To The Teeth
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    No Push Collide
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    Things Fall Apart CD1
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    Things Fall Apart CD2
  • One More Way
    One More Way
  • EP1

To The Teeth

Release Date: 24th December 2007

Catalogue No: OR010


  1. To The Lost and Found
  2. News
  3. Lady
  4. Key
  5. Arms
  6. Snake
  7. Scars
  8. Lord
  9. Religion
  10. Bones
  11. Question
  12. To The World


Darryn Harkness: guitar, keys, vox. Mitts: bass, vox. Benjamin Smith: vox, guitar. Christian Smith: Drums, vox. julian reid: pedal steel. Produced by Serafin, Ian Caple and Suneil Pusari. Recorded at The Dairy and Blackness Road with Ian Caple. Mixed at Sawbones lab and Athletes studio with Suneil Pusari. Thank you to Pete Abbott. Mastered at Abbey Road with Sean Magee. Songs by Benjamin Smith, published by Melici Music. sleeve: for further information and lyrics contact